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Nurse Internship Program

MSHA has a wide variety of opportunities available for student internships.nursingNurse Intern Program

Nurse Intern Program
  • MSHA has a wide variety of opportunities available for nursing students.
  • MSHA welcomes students to participate as nurse interns to gain experience and confidence.
  • The Nurse Intern Program allows students to participate in hands-on learning experiences under the guidance of registered nurses.

Qualifications/Student Selection
Nurse Intern I

After the successful completion of Foundations/Fundamentals of Nursing class the nursing student may be hired as a Nurse Intern I. The role of the Nurse Intern I on the unit is much like that of a CNA.


  • Must be a BSN or ADN student at an accredited school of Nursing
  • Must have successfully completed Foundations/Fundamentals of Nursing
  • Successful completion of a Basic Life Support course

These rotations will consist of days, evenings and nights. Most shifts are 12 hours. Depending on the schedule of your preceptor you may be required to work every other weekend.
The student is responsible for his or her own uniforms. The color of the uniforms will be dark/navy blue. This will change only if you are working in an area such as surgery where you will wear the scrubs provided by the hospital.

Anyone interested in applying for a Nurse Intern I position may call the Employment Center at (423) 431-1004

Nurse Intern II Program

The Nurse Intern II Program is an eight-week program designed to assist the nursing student in bridging the gap between theory and clinical practice. The program consists of classroom lectures, professional practice labs, phlebotomy instruction, 12-lead EKG training and clinical rotation experiences to enhance the development of essential knowledge and skills. The program allows the student to be involved in many activities of care for patients ranging in age from newborn to geriatric. Students accepted into the program will earn an excellent salary while gaining valuable patient care knowledge and clinical competencies. The student will work under the direction of experienced nurses and clinical leaders who have a variety of nursing related expertise. The rotation through selected clinical areas will assist the student in identifying opportunities of professional development and future career opportunities.

Program Goals:

  • Assist in the transition from student nurse to professional RN practice
  • Provide experiences to increase awareness of the nursing scope of practice
  • Develop the future nurse's critical-thinking and professional communication skills
  • Advance the capacity of the future nurse to deliver patient care that includes clinical best practices, delivered through patient-centered approaches.


  • BSN or ADN or Diploma nursing student graduating in the next twelve months
  • GPA of 3.0 or above preferred
  • Successful completion of MSHA required pre-hire assessment components
  • Two letters of reference from nursing instructors and/or MSHA Manager(for current team member)
  • Short essay on why you would like to participate in the Nurse Intern Program
  • Interview with MSHA leadership.


Selection is based on satisfactory references, GPA, essay content, pre-hire assessment results and interview. Students must demonstrate motivation and commitment to the professional practice of nursing, the Nurse Intern II Program and express interest in employment with MSHA following graduation. Participation in the program is limited 


All new Team Members will attend Mountain States Orientation. Before clinical rotations begin, each Nurse Intern II will attend phlebotomy, 12-lead EKG patient testing. The Nurse Intern II will work with a RN preceptor during his or her clinical rotation. This rotation may consist of days, evenings and/or nights. Most shifts are 12 hours. Depending on the schedule of your preceptor, you may also be required to work every other weekend.

Applications closed on March 8th, 2014.*

If you have any questions, you may contact the Organizational Development office at 423-431-5434 or e-mail the Nurse Intern II Coordinator at

Nurse Intern III

After successful completion of the Nurse Intern II Program, the student nurse has the option of seeking employment with MSHA. He or she may work as a nurse intern III until graduation. The Nurse Intern III will be able to work independently with the skills they learned in the Nurse Intern II Program such as phlebotomy, 12-lead EKG testing, glucometry and respiratory skills.